MortuusAmor has attended Olivia Rouge's School of Burlesque since Autumn 2014 and performed with Olivia's weekly classes several times.

MortuusAmor is also part of a burlesque troupe Vermillion Dames. This troupe coached by Olivia Rouge was started in February 2016 and these Dames have been performing for example in Tampere, Hämeenlinna and at Nummirock 2017.

MortuusAmor's first solo performance was in August 2016 with 'The Joker' act. Second number 'Voodoo Girl' had it's premiere at Tampere Burlesque Experience in March 2018.

She has also attended various workshops and courses:

- Beginner's Burlesque Class / Where do I even begin? /  Pin-up Posing / Vintage Look Workshop / From Market to Market / Prop Day: Boa, Fans & Isis Wings workshops / Coaching Classes by Olivia Rouge
- Prop Work / Posture and Details by Stella Polaire
- Tassel and pastie workshop by Daisy Cutter 
- Tassel twirling / Fan Dance by Aurora Galore
- Fan Dance workshop by Lady Wildflower
- An Evening with Kitten de Ville / Bump'n'Grind workshop / The Art of Seduction  by Kitten de Ville
- Stage Make-up workshop by Millie Dollar
- Fierce Attitude by Soa De Muse 
- Perlesque by Perle Noire 
- Bump'n'Grind by Dirty Martini
- Old School Secrets by Satan's Angel
- Burlesque Dance by Ivoncita 
- Boa workshop by Miss Anne Thropy 
- Burlesque and improvisation by Lafayette Lestrange
- Dancing Phalanges by Pepper Sparkles
- Fan Dance workshop by Missy Malone
- Fosse/Cabaret dance workshop by Clea Cutthroat
- Floorwork Foundations by Lola Frost
- Beyond Pretty: drag makeup for burly gals by Kitten LaRue
- Temple Of Tease by Agatha Frisky
- Storytelling and characterization workshop by Velma Von Bonbon
- Dance Camp by Kitten'n'Lou
- Assels workshop by Chrissy Kiss 
- Stage Persona workshop by Tronicat La Miez 
- 1960's Gogo workshop by Cherry Shakewell
- Acrotease by Miss Acrolicious
- Slow motion/Supersensual by  Bettie Blackheart

- Tribal Fusion workshop by Amanda Nousiainen
- Vogue Femme by Olli "Ofimja" Haapaniemi 
- Arms Control by Joonas Kopra